a crazy life of a crazy girl

I am a Texas girl who watches far too much TV, lusts after fashion trends and enjoys drinking a beer with close friends.

I love to laugh!
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- at work I just can’t. There are no words right now. Or one word, disappointment.

- eating the Protein Bistro Box from Starbucks. For breakfast. For lunch. For snacks. For all day, every day.

- drinking rum. It goes well with all diet colas and limes. Limes are summery, right? Yes, right. 

- wearing Tory Burch Wedges. They make me waaaaaay tall. 

- reading “Paper Towns" by John Green. 

- watching “The Meltdown,” “Drunk History" and "Orphan Black.” I’ve been watching a lot of comedy recently in preparation for Bumbershoot over Labor Day. i’m going to Seattle for the festival and there will be so much comedy and I want it all and I want to be caught up so I don’t seem like a novice comedy fan. Also, I discovered that “Orphan Black” was on my OnDemand so I marathoned myself through that magical, mess of a show. I love it. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. 

- Netflixing nothing right now because I’ve decided to make YouTube videos and keep up a blog. That’s some really time consuming stuff, you guys. 

- YouTubing MissGlamorazzi because she’s precious and INCREDIBLY organized which I appreciate. Her videos have a fantastic template for anyone starting their YouTube adventure (aka me). She also has fantastic recommendations on stuff and y’all, she’s just so cute. You can click here and here and here for some of my favorite videos she’s done (that I have actually caught up on).

- listening to “Do or Die" by Thirty Seconds to Mars and BELTING IT OUT IN THE CAR LIKE I’M A TEENAGER. Great. Song. Great.

- hating that I can’t program or code like I want to be able to program. I think I should take a class. There are evidently online modules that will teach you how to program. If for some reason I have free time, I will def look in to doing those. It’s a skill I want to have without googling everything. 

- loving all of my purchases from the #nsale at Nordstrom. All will be revealed in time. I’m going to do a fall thing… because the Anniversary Sale is about fall style before fall happens. 



I took my boots dancin’. (at Cowboys Red River)


"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

(via hellogiggles)




The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail premieres tonight at 12:30a/11:30c.


Got my grown up shoes in the mail today! #agl #nordtrom #anniversarysale @nordstrom



Any questions?


Well, shit. 

Fitness for Nerds

This is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time.

I DID IT! YOU CAN BUY IT TOO! #gracesguidebook #adult @gracehelbig


Sometimes quitters do win.

I think this is pretty awesome. I haven’t smoke since November. We can do this. We. Can.

The positive of Grand Rapids, hot yoga. #funkybuddha #yogahothouse #sweat (at The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse)