a crazy life of a dallas girl

I am a Texas girl who watches far too much TV, lusts after fashion trends and enjoys drinking a beer with close friends.

I love to laugh!
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Happy 60th Dad! Thanks for always sharing your birthday with me! #tbt #birthdaycake

Let’s get vacation started! To Seattle I go for #bumbershoot !! (at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)

Before & after the #alsicebucketchallenge . I tag @melisball @kenkaufuga @klglass The video is on Facebook!

#nofiltershow #austin #trinity @myharto @gracehelbig @mametown @chestersee woooooo the line for the bar is short when you’re in the 2% of people old enough to drink!!!! (at Paramount Theatre)

Look what was waiting for me when I got home!! #mdk @myharto #mydrunkkitchen #book #youtube #slay


More Drunk Kitchen posters? More Drunk Kitchen posters!

If you don’t love Hannah Hart you’re wrong.



I can tell that Kumail is in pain and that makes me even more sad but at the same time, what a wonderful story.

Lake floatin! (at Hideaway Lake Club House)